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Whatever the circumstances, our time of life, age or relationship, confronting the death and loss of someone close is seldom easy.


Life's ending, while part of living and something which comes sooner or later for us all, when faced with the reality of losing someone loved and dear to us, whether young or old, the experience felt is unique to us all. Something that can neither be quickened nor slowed, experienced for each of us in our own way and time.


As each day is precious so too will be that time together on the day - when stories are shared and all recollect, remember, and celebrate if appropriate, paying tribute and saying thank you - sharing memories and fond moments which re-tell the years, life achievements, qualities and precious moments of the one whose journey has come to an end.

"..I truly believe that Dad would have been happy with

what we put together for him."

being invited into your home - to talk with family and dear friends about the funeral you're all facing for the one you have lost, as your Celebrant it is a heartfelt and humbling experience.


It is my role and responsibility to help you make sure everything about the service, before and during - will enables all to express what is truly in your hearts and minds, and make sure everything goes smoothly on the day. 

Sharing a conversation...

Planning the service so that everything will flow smoothly on the day - whether a funeral with many people, a private service or just a handful, a memorial, commemoration or a celebration of life. In a chapel or at the graveside, outdoors or at a large venue, whatever will be right for you all to say farewell.


My task is to guide you through each step, making sure everyone's needs are heard - and the service truly acknowledges the wishes of the one you've lost - bringing together all the details, from music to orders of service, the speakers tributes and readings - 

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whatever is needed, all done in time we have as the day of the service draws closer.

It's best we up meet in the days (sometimes it can be longer) before the service - maybe for an hour of so, occasionally more - and I will make sure you get all the information you need.

"...certainly brought back the memories for everybody."

We can meet at the funeral home, your place, or somewhere suitable - whatever will be best for everyone.

And if someone is far away, even overseas, then a telephone conversation, Skype or WhatsApp can work too - along with email, text and Dropbox for documents, photos, graphics etc - whatever might need to be shared. 


Together making sure the service truly reflects the one you're saying farewell too.

" made today such a beautiful, spiritual and dignified tribute..."

Importantly that the service be an occasion that is reverent, warm hearted, connecting everyone and carries humor where appropriate - from which all will leave, though with sadness - but also with a sense of being deeply moved to have been there to say goodbye with you.  

Right time and place...

I have the honor, practical support and benefit of working alongside many talented, skilled and deeply caring people - in funeral homes across Melbourne, from conductors to arrangers, drivers and attendants, graphic artists and those who make the tea, among many of Melbourne's most well known funeral homes.

Since my first service as a Celebrant back in early 2008, and now in my sixteenth year, I have helped family's with their services, farewell and memorials, State Funerals, and at locations across Melbourne and into country Victoria, working with: 


Le Pine Funerals

Natural Grace Funerals

Gardenia Funerals

W.D.Rose Funerals

GreenHaven Funerals

Joseph Allison Funerals

Allison Monkhouse Funerals

Tobin Brothers Funerals

Heritage and Heritage Funerals

Simplicity Funerals

White Lady Funerals

Kingston Funerals

Brown Brothers

Lonergran & Raven

Charles Crawford & Sons Funerals 

Glen Funeral Homes

Howard Squires Bamford Funerals, 

C.G Moody & Daughter

Nelson Brothers Funerals

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"...he was right saying he fits people to people,

I am glad he chose you."

I am available for funeral services, memorials and special occasions at locations across Melbourne, Mornington Peninsula, country Victoria and interstate should circumstances require.

To be of greatest help...

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When you're ready, or just wanting to talk, call me, or send me email via the contact tab below, or simply mention my name to the funeral home when you meet, and they will contact me on your behalf.

Whatever will work best for you.

I wish you and your family peace, health and happiness.

Julian Bamford

M 0400 267 330

Funeral Celebrant & Master of Ceremonies

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