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Testimonials - Thank you

In the days following services, I am always touched a thank you message appears from a family, or sometimes a close friend, or distant relative, or someone who gave a tribute. 


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Thank you

Sometimes a card or handwritten note delivered 

by the Postie, often an email or a text, and others a phone call out of the blue and a chance to say hello 

and see how things are going.


Occasionally they come in the days before a service, giving feedback on the process and service Draft, others on the same day, in the hours following, and sometimes weeks later.


To know things went well,  that it all came together, you had the chance say what was important, that it turned better than expected, in the midst of such sadness and loss combined with the heartfelt joy shared in celebrating what your loved meant to you all.

William ‘Bill’ Thomas Denholm

17 May 1925 ~ 28 May 2023


He was warm hearted, and complex. An intelligent man, who could read the room. 

His was an interesting life, his work a huge part of it - as a metallurgist, in the lecture hall, his PhD, 

and being made a member of the Order of Australia through his services to the CSIRO, 

for which he felt truly humbled.




Friday 9th June 2023, 2.30pm

Le Pine Funerals, Burwood

Funeral Director, Chris Geake



Hi Julian,

You did a terrific job yesterday in helping us give dad such a perfect send off. I will personally remember the day with fondness and happiness which is probably an indication of how ideally I thought it all went!

The balance of your well chosen words and other items on the program was great. And what a turnout. Imagine if dad had died 5-10 years ago when so many of his close friends and family were still with us. We definitely would have needed a bigger venue.

Thanks again. Wendy Donald

(10 June 2023, email)


Dear Chris

Thank you so much again for yesterdays service. The part you and your colleagues played was thoughtful, professional and perceptive. The venues were both idyllic and your choice of Julian as celebrant was most suitable. You accommodated mine and Toni’s requests and changes with a generous calmness. We were especially impressed and grateful that at no time throughout the proceedings did you make us feel rushed for time. We thought later last night after such a large turnout, that if Dad had died 5-10 years ago when so many of his dear friends and family were still with us we would have had to find bigger venue.! Thanks again for helping us give him such a pretty faultless send off

Warmest Regards

Wendy Donald 

(forwarded from Chris,10 June 2023, email)






Robert ‘Bob' Rae Dalziel AM

13 November 1946 ~ 30 May 2023


'Always the true gentleman, dignified, loyal,

  generous and giving in so many ways, 

a mentor for so many.'



Funeral Service

Wednesday 7th June 2023, 10.00am

Le Pine Funerals, Burwood

Funeral Director, Jeremy Barth



Dear Julian

I wanted to thank you for the service yesterday. I didn’t get to thank you in person. Was a wonderful send off for Bob and you held the space beautifully for us. Thank you for all your efforts.


Deborah (Dalziel)

(Thu 8 June 2023, email)









Jean Alexina Tregear

5 July 1927 ~ 20 May 2023


Celebrating her long and good life of near to ninety-six full years. She was social and friendly, 

and always genuinely interested in people and what you were doing, and remembering for when 

you next met up, all with her warm sense of humour.



Memorial Service

Wednesday 31st May 2023, 10.00am

Le Pine Funerals, High Street Road, Kew

Arrangements: Tania Wilson, Funeral Director


Private Committal Service

2.15pm, Wilson Chapel

Springvale Botanical Cemetery





Dear Julian,

I just wanted to thank you again very much for all your wonderful help with Mum's service a month ago.

What you do is so important, and you did it for us all so sensitively and with great judgment.

I am very grateful for all your help.

All the best

Andrew Tregear

2 July 2023, email







Dr (Major) Leonard Francis (“Leon”) Comber

20 September 1921 – 11 May 2023




‘Well met’



Funeral Service

Tuesday 23rd May 2023, 12.30pm.

Elwood Bathers, Elwood

Natural Grace Funerals

Libby Moloney, Holistic Funeral Director.



Dear Julian

Thank you for being such a wonderful celebrant and for your kind and compassionate care and assisting with the service to honour and celebrate the life of my beloved late Dad Leon. I think my Dad would have absolutely loved the service. Thanks to your help it was a beautiful and heartfelt service which I will never forget.

Talk to you soon.

Warm regards


31 May 2023, email







Max Rodney Hardman

11 May 1938 ~ 20 April 2023


'Interesting, quick witted, always the gentleman.

A leader and a recluse, an intellectual and a craftsman. 

A storyteller and a man of few words,

Order and chaos.'


Funeral Service

Sunday 7th May 2023, 2.00pm

Le Pine Funerals, Kew

Funeral Director, Filomena Mifsud



Dear Julian

Time passes so quickly and I have only now realised I hadn’t thanked you for conducting Max’s farewell with so much respect for Max, his family and our friends.

One attendee felt sure you had personally known all of us for some time. This to me indicated how well you composed your notes and with such regard for our thoughts and feelings.

Nicole, Lucien and I are most grateful for your help and support at this sad time.

Thank you.

With best regards and wishes


(22 May, 2023. email)






In Loving Memory of

William ‘Keith’ Bainbridge

6 May 1923 ~ 24 April 2023


He really was a lovely man, kind, gentle, and patient. A true gentleman, who everyone loved, always encouraging, with a love of people, all with his great sense of humour.





2.30pm Wednesday 3rd May 2023

W.D. Rose Funerals, Cheltenham

Alexandra Bonikos, Funeral Director



Hi Julian,


I believe it is absolutely lovely. I have made some minor corrections and made a couple of small additions.


Look forward to seeing you tomorrow.


Kind regards


(2 May 2023, email)





Maxine Koran Klibingaitis

17 May 1964 ~ 17 April 2023


A thousand miles from traditional.

Maxine was simply gorgeous.


A Gathering in the Rotunda

Family & Friends


Gifted, other worldly, the life of the party. 

Eccentric to the core, an actress, a singer and dancer. 

She was wired for literature and writing, but don't ask her to add. Loved old movies, every black and white a favourite. 

A cup of tea, it was Earl Grey, no milk, cups never matched. For lunch it was vegan, amazing. Maxine loved you all, and her dogs Mr Foxy, Zsa Zsa, and Rainbow the goat. And if she had a dollar she would give it to you.


2.30pm, Wednesday 26th April 2023

Springvale Botanic Cemetery

Noble Park


Good evening Julian. On behalf of my family I just wanted to say. Thank you for celebrating the life of Maxine you contributed to it being such a memorable day.

Thanks Frank

Ps I'll inform you when the party is she would love you there.


(26 April, 2023, text)


... and the night before in response, to whats to be said


Thank you Julian it could not be more perfect.


(25 April 2023, email)






The Unforgettable Life of

James Henry Davies ‘Jim’

1 March 1932 ~ 12 April 2023


100 Years... always with that sparkle in his eyes.

He loved to strut, and make an entrance. He was a carpenter and builder by trade, an adventurer, a sportsman at heart, and a truly loving family man in every way.



Funeral Service

Le Pine Funerals, Greensborough

Thursday 20th March 2023, 2.30pm

Funeral Director, Filomena Mifsud



Hi Julian

Just wanted to say thank you for yesterday.

We are getting great feedback from family & friends on how good a service it was.



Particularly wanted to say thank you for the way you conducted the day.



Your style was all about the story & the family & as the celebrant you came across as being part of that & not about you.



I know that may sound odd in how I am expressing it, but there are celebrants that inject a lot of themselves into a day & take the focus.



I really appreciated your approach.

Thank you.



Peter, Deb & the family.

(21 April 2023, email) 


Hi Julian,

Thank you so very much for the care you put into Dad’s service yesterday. We had many comments on how interesting Dad’s life was thanks to your preparation and research.



We feel it was a lovely service with your suggestions and guidance, Dad would have loved it.

Have a great weekend and thanks again,


21 April 2023, email






Anthony ‘Tony’ John Snelling

20 May 1937 ~ 26 March 2023


He was a quiet man, a private person, independent,  hardworking, comfortable in his own company. 

But Tony also, loved a good chat, and times with family and friends. He was loyal, valued friendships deeply, and loved those catch ups over a meal and a quiet beer or two.  


Funeral Service

Tuesday 4th April 2023, 2.30pm, 

Le Pine Funerals, Glen Waverley




Good afternoon Julian, 

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. I just wanted to sincerely thank you for your wonderful service and support for Dad's funeral service last week. 



Sorry it's taken us so long to get back to you, but I'm sure you understand how difficult it is to catch up with everybody under such circumstances. You are such a kind and wonderful man, and you brought great energy, healing and relief to Fiona and I …….. for which we are both eternally grateful.





We truly and sincerely thank you for everything you have done for our family. You are a true gentleman and kindhearted soul. We appreciate you immensely.



Cheers and hope to re-connect soon.


Kind regards,


Rob & Fiona

16 April 2023, email


... and in a note received prior


Hi Julian,

Thanks so much for helping us next Tuesday with Dad's service, we know he would be very pleased that you have agreed to do this for us.

As mentioned yesterday, please find attached a rough background document which should help.

See you tomorrow.


Fiona & Rob

(30 Mar 2023, email)






Dr. Sanganakal Hanumantha Reddy

24 April 1942 ~ 27 March 2023


'A truly kind hearted, generous, and deeply compassionate man.'



Funeral Service

Le Pine Funerals, Kew East

Sunday 2nd April 2023

Funeral Director, Filomena Mifsud

Music & Images: Prime Media



Hi Filomena, Julian and Francesco,

I wanted to thank you all for your efforts in ensuring we had some a warm and aring experience at the funeral of my dad, Dr Sanganakal Hanumantha Reddy. The funeral went seamlessly and was well coordinated considering the time that we had to put everything together.

Your professionalism and the high quality of what you provided, all done with care and compassion, were greatly appreciated. Dad would have been so pleased with how his funeral went.

Thanks again.


(2nd April 2023, email)






James Colin Horsley

16 September 1931 ~ 5 March 2023


'Jim, deep integrity, hardworking,

a quite fortunate man. A great dad, great grandfather,

great provider, and family man. He was friendly, lots of fun,

much liked by whomever engaged with him.

All with his dry wit and delightful

sense of humour.'


Funeral Service

Friday 24th March 2023, 2.15pm

Wilson Chapel, Springvale Botanic Cemetery

Princess Highway, Noble Park

Funeral Director, Chris Geake.

Le Pine, Camberwell



Dear Julian,

Thank you. Your approach and words at dad's funeral last Friday - Perfect in every way. A small note to express all gratitude.

Warm regards

Robyn Desmond (Horsley)

(~31 March 2023, card)






Mark Burnell-Armstrong

20 March 1964 ~ 24 February 2023


He was good-hearted, the happy larrikan, always smiling and with a joke, loving, supportive, always putting you first.

For his two girls he was simply their Dad.



1.00pm Tuesday 20th March 2023,

Heritage & Heritage, Wantirna

Rob van Duuren, Funeral Director



I just want to say thank you for yesterday, it was absolutely perfect and how you put dads service together was exceptional and exactly what dad would have wanted!!

So many people had said how incredible you were and it's something that they'll remember from yesterday!!

Thank you for being apart of dads send off!


(15 March 2023, text)






Campbell 'Cam' John Harvey

28 March 1945 ~ 21 February 2023


He was cheeky, creative, a playful character, all with his dry and wicked sense of humour, of who his three daughters said of their dad in a heartbeat and a word – he was ‘hilarious. In all sorts of ways Cam made the world a happier place.



Friday 10th March 2023, 2.30pm

Le Pine Funerals, Ivanhoe



Dear Julian,

I just wanted to say thank you for the care and consideration you showed in your role as celebrant at my father's funeral last Wednesday. I'm sorry I didn't get a change to talk to you personally, but I wanted to say thank you.

Best wishes,


(11 March 2022, email)






Mark Goodwin

9 August 1962 ~ 5 February 2023



Funeral Service

11.00am Wednesday 15 February 2023

Kilcunda Cemetery, Bass Highway, Kilcunda



'Offshore northerly, Dad’s smile

shows me that what matters is

when time stops,

and waves break and we

wish for fish and laugh and swap

dishes of extraordinary curry.

Hey Pajero! A shout and cackle,

hurry, hurry,

through the crowd to the wide

and open plain,

when sands shift and rivers feed

and we can see that all we really need

is each other,

This Time,




Memorial Service

2.00pm Wednesday 15 February 2023

Cape Paterson SLSC, Cape Paterson

Arrangements: Selwyn Allen Funerals



Hi Julian,

I would like to thank you for the beautiful way in which you conducted the service for Mark. Your caring and calm manner was perfect for us and our memories of Mark have been made even richer.

Kind regards


(22 Feb 2023, email)







Ronald Battersby ‘Ron’ Ronnie’

2nd April 1939 ~ 22 January 2023


He loved a party and fancy dress, with that irrepressible sense of humour, and he loved his family, about you he never stopped bragging, with along a passion for all things models cars, and for happiness for everyone around him. 



2.30pm Friday 3rd February 2023

Le Pine Funerals, Glen Waverley

Sharon Swayne, Funeral Director




Hi Julian,

As the dust settles I want to thank you so much for officiating at Ron's funeral. You did a great job of reflecting his life. Everyone has said how beautiful the service was. We were overwhelmed with the number of people who attended. They all remembered him as a happy, smiling man who was so content with his life, and you projected this to them all on the day. Thank you again.

Christine Battersby 

(9 February, 2023, text)






Neville Edward Van Every

16 June 1924 ~ 10 January 2023


‘A life well lived helping others’




10.00am Friday 20th January 2023

Le Pine Funerals, Burwood

Chris Geake, Funeral Director



Dear Chris and Julian,

Bruce, Glenys and myself wish to convey our sincere thanks for arranging, conducting and overseeing Dad’s service last Friday. There were many facets to the service by many different departments and all ran smoothly and cohesively on the day. Your professionalism and attention to detail was greatly appreciated. Dad would have been honoured by the depths of respect portrayed during his service.

Once more, our sincere gratitude and thanks

Kind Regards

Lauris, Bruce and Glenys

(23 Jan 2023, email)







A Celebration of the Life


Colin Norman Fraser

5 November 1922 ~ 26 December 2022

A remarkable man, stoic, of few words, honest, and unassuming. He was a true gentleman. His favourite Bomber Command hat as he called with to the end.



10.00am Friday 6th January 2023

Le Pine Funerals, Burwood

Chris Geake, Funeral Director



Hi Julian

Brilliant effort this morning, family thought it was fantastic.

Thank goodness we had you there!

The Reading from Binbrook got to me the most!

Col would have been impressed.

Thanks again

Paul and family

(6 Jan, 2023, Sent from my iPhone)






In Loving Memory of

Ivan Antonio Teston

9 October 1968 ~ 5 December 2022

Remembering and honouring Ivan, the good-hearted and gentle giant he was, 

easy going, happy to go along and live his life, with a passion for everything cars, all with his good sense of humour, and when he laughed it was understated, 

quiet and full of heart. 


Funeral Service

2.00pm Thursday 15th December 2022

Tobin Brothers Funerals, Doncaster




We would like to sincerely thank you for the beautiful service of our brother Ivan on Thursday.


Nadia, Sonia and family

(18 Dec 2022, email)




Marjorie May Bucknell

18 March 1930 ~ 29 November 2022


Her life of ninety two years, with a determined independence, and seldom one to lose an argument, while at the same time always there to help you, all with a love for garden, her travels, and her grandchildren.


1.30pm Thursday 8th December 2022

Renowden Chapel,

Springvale Botanic Cemetery, Noble Park

Funeral Director: Chris Geake.



Hi Chris and Julian,

On the behalf of mum and my family, we would like to thank you both and everyone involved that I don’t have emails for, in preparing and officiating my grandmas Funeral. You were both very kind, welcoming, thoughtful and did not make us feel pressured, stressed and rushed. You both helped us tremendously in this already difficult time.

Thank you very much.

Have a great Christmas and new year,

Heather, Shirley and the Family. 

(9 Dec 2022, email)








Justin Peter Keane

22 November 1973 ~ 14 April 2022



Funeral & Graveside Committal 

9.30am Friday 29th April 2022

Yan Yean Cemetery

Gardenia Funerals

Michael Cox, Funeral Director



To dear Julian

Julian I would just like to wish you a Lovely Christmas, and thank you for all your support back in April when we lost our son Justin Keane.

You are always in our thoughts, as one of the most beautiful caring human being.

Hope this finds you well.


Bernadette and Peter Keane. 

(2 December 2022, text)




John Ryan

9 May 1924 ~ 15 November 2022


At the grand age of ninety eight, proudly mobile, engaged and efficient to the very end of his life.


Memorial Service

Friday 25th November 2022, 2.30pm

Le Pine Funerals, Ivanhoe

Paul Newman, Funeral Director


Thankyou! That was very gracious of you to provide the time for Dad's family to say what they wanted to say, their way.

There have been so many grateful comments.

A pleasure meet you, Julian- all the best looking after your folks.

Thanks again,


(25 Nov 2022, text) 






Richard Joseph Wheeler Selleck

5 May 1934 ~ 2 October 2022


Throughout his eighty four years - he was steadily energetic, intellectually gifted and curious, humane and wise. All with humility, and an unending kindness, and the countless good things he did and the love and times he shared.


Funeral Service

Federation Chapel, Lilydale Memorial Park, Lilydale

12th October 2022, 11.45am

12.45pm Graveside Committal 



Dear Julian

I write to thank you for the part you played in my husband Richard’s funeral on 12 October, at Lilydale. I’m sorry to be so late in doing this: I’ve come back from spending a few days with my sister in the country (down Bairnsdale way – very pretty and peaceful), and I am a bit more compos mentis now than I was earlier.

Thank you for many things – for your unflappability, your kindness and empathy, your intelligence, your precision and accuracy, your ready understanding of sensitive points, your tact, your reassuring presence, and above all your beautiful voice and the firm and gentle way in which you anchored the service. 

On a day which I obviously found very difficult, I felt that nothing would go wrong, because you were at the heart of it all – the still point in a turning world, as I said to you – and you would make sure everything would proceed in a peaceful and seemly fashion. “Seemly” isn’t a popular word these days, but for me it still has a lot of meaning. 

Because of you, everything was just as it should have been. Many people commented to me afterwards about your dignity and composure, and the care you took to ensure Richard was appropriately remembered and honoured. 

Thank you also for managing the tricky time element so gracefully and well!

with deep gratitude

Viv Kelly

(29 Oct 2022, email)

Hi Julian

Thank you once again for being Celebrant at Dad's funeral. You did a wonderful job.



(18 Oct 2022, email)



Dear Julian,

I just wanted to say thank you for the care and consideration you showed in your role as celebrant at my father's funeral last Wednesday. I'm sorry I didn't get a change to talk to you personally, but I wanted to say thank you.

Best wishes,


(16 Oct 2022, email)





Patricia Grace Spry

3 December 1928 ~ 9 September 2022


Kind hearted and always smiling.

Take every day as a bonus, cherish every moment.



Funeral Service

2.30pm, Tuesday 20th September 2022

W.D. Rose Funerals, Brighton East



Hi Julian

Just wanted to thank you very much for officiating mums celebration today.

Deb Scott and David Spry.

(20 Sep 2022, text)






Stanley ‘Stan’ Gillam

30th July 1931 ~ 20th July 2022


Honouring the warm hearted and lovely man he was, with his big smile, big laugh, and love of a joke. He was old school, very country and always one to do the right things. Loyal to a fault, and absolutely devoted to Joan and she to him. Stan lived for his family - all with his generosity, kind and bright smile and warm presence.



10.00am Thursday 11th August 2022

Le Pine Funerals, East Kew

James Malachi, Funeral Director

Graveside Committal

Springvale Botanic Cemetery 

1.30pm, A.C. Downard Lawn. Grave 287


A Celebration of the Life of

Joan Gillam

19th December 1934 ~ 15th April 2022


Joan, always very chatty and cheerful, with her humility, intelligence and mental strength, courage and unselfish nature. She was devoted to Stan and the love they shared, to her family, her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.



10.00am Wednesday 4th May 2022

Le Pine Funerals, East Kew

James Malachi, Funeral Director

Graveside Committal

1.30pm, A.C. Downard Lawn.

Springvale Botanic Cemetery



Hi Julian,

On behalf of my family, I want to sincerely thank you for your care and guidance with Mum's and Dad's (Joan and Stan Gillam) funeral services.

Your professionalism along with your warmth, understanding and care made these difficult occasions much easier to navigate. We are very grateful you were on our team.

With thanks

Kind regards


(25 August 2022, email)






In Loving Memory of

Betty Yun Ngaw Lew-Sang

18th October 1932 ~ 19th July 2022


Always a very private person, she was determined, she was kind, all with her warm sense of humour, her love for food - always a feeder and a giver, her enjoyment of music, her generosity, and always beautifully dressed.


Funeral Service

2.15pm Monday 8th August 2022

Wilson Chapel, Springvale Botanic Cemetery, Noble Park

Shae Blog, Funeral Director  


Committal Service

3.15pm Monday 8th August 2022

RTM Pescott Lawn Lot28



Hi Julian

I just wanted to say a big thank you for all the hard work you put into my mother’s funeral yesterday. It was a job well done and my mother would of been proud. It was lovely meeting you and once again a sincere thank you from the bottom my heart.

Amanda Lew-Sang

(9 August 2022, email)






In Loving Memory of

Mary Winifred Russell Wain

22 October 1924 ~ 7th July 2022


Kind hearted, quiet yet social and welcoming person she was. Always good company, yet happy and content on her own. With a love of travel, her career as a physiotherapist, she was a most capable woman, with an amazing memory and love for stories, and always interested in you and what you were doing. 


Funeral Service

10.00am Thursday 28th July 2022

Le Pine Funerals, Ivanhoe

Paul Newman, Funeral Director



Hi Julian,

I just wanted to thank you very much for the wonderful job you did with Mary Wain’s funeral.

A number of people commented on how it hit the mark perfectly and we were very happy indeed as was the case with Charles’s funeral.

We will be certain to recommend you to friends in the future and hopefully it will be some time before we need your services again.

Many thanks,

Lindy Smith

(5 Aug 2022, email)






Chapel Funeral Service

In Loving Memory of

Norma Joyce Wong

3 February 1931 ~ 4 July 2022


Simply an amazing woman, who dearly loved, cared for and looked out for you all. Her kids nicknaming their mum, Superwoman. She was strong of mind, with great determination, and always with her warm and loving smile.

She was truly extraordinary.


10.00am Friday 22nd July 2022

Le Pine Funerals, Kew East


Committal Service

12.30pm Friday 22nd July 2022

Springvale Botanic Cemetery

James Malachi, Funeral Director  



Hi Julian

Ron, Pam and I would like to thank you for conducting the service for our mum in a kind and respectful tone. You wove the service in such a way that it flowed so seamlessly, and captured the essence of our mum so beautifully. Thank you for guiding us through the process, and making the occasion so memorable.


Carol Bennett

24 July 2022, email






Memorial Service

Celebrating the Life of

Ivan Francis Backman AM

3 July 1939 ~ 12 May 2022


To say farewell and warmly remember and celebrate the man Ivan was. Loving, proud of his family, his kids and his grandkids. He had a big heart and a determination with everything he approached. 

He was generous with everyone, across his working life, his friendships and in later years through his charitable and philanthropic work, putting tireless energy into the well-being of others.  


10.30am, Monday 30 May 2022

Trinity Grammar School, Performing Arts Centre

Arrangements Le Pine Funerals, Camberwell

Lena Davies, Funeral Director




Just a quick thank you for your efforts on Monday - you did a brilliant job bringing it all together. Your delivery was exactly as we wanted and you spoke so well and linked everyone so it ran without a hitch and made sense to all.

Again well done - I think we did our father proud and mum was really happy with the send off.



1 June 2022, email






Funeral Service

Celebrating the Life of

Myfanwy Avril Mitchell

1 April 1926 ~ 12 May 2022


'All in all she lived a truly wonderful and full life.'


Friday 27th May 2022, 2.30pm

Le Pine Funerals, Ferntree Gully

Louise Price, Funeral Director


Good morning Julian.

I wanted to say thank you again for conducting mum's service last Friday. I felt that we gave her a very good send off and I know quite a few others were watching remotely. Wishing you all the best with your parents. 

Best wishes,


30 May 2022, email







Rodney ‘Rod’ Norman Perrin

13 January 1925 ~ 8 May 2022


A Life Fulfilled


2.30pm Wednesday 18th May 2022

Le Pine Funerals,Box Hill

Karen McKenner, Funeral Director



Dear Julian, on behalf of Robyn, Michael and myself pleas accept our sincere thanks

for the conduct of Dad’s service today. I am sure he would have been most satisfied with his send off.

Regards Tim Perrin

18 May 2022, email






Funeral Service

A Celebration of the Life of

Terry Rolleston

1 May 1936 ~ 4 May 2022

The good hearted man Terry was. His family, first in every single way, and his community, the two were all that mattered to him. His genuine interest in you, his love of sport – anything that had a ball Terry was there. His great pride in his country, and his own home and garden. His dedication to his work, and in everything he applied himself to, always comfortable in his own shoes. 


Friday 13th May 2022, 10.00am

Le Pine Funerals, East Kew

James Malachi, Funeral Director


Julian. Before I go to bed I wanted to thank you for your part in making the Service for Terry the success it was. You spoke as though Terry was an old friend & this helped with the easy flow of proceedings. I wasn’t surprised that so many came to farewell my Terry because of the man he was. He led by example. Thanks once again.


Helen Rolleston

13 May 2022, email








Memorial Service

Celebrating the Life of

Robert ‘Rob’ Barker

7 June 1959 ~ 2 April 2022


'Together to honour and very importantly to celebrate Rob’s life and the calm and kind-hearted, loyal, smart, supportive and super organised, and thorough gentleman he was.  Always full of fun and humour, and practical joker with a pun never far from the surface, with a love for the quirky side of life, all wrapped 

in a gentleness and his huge intellect.'


4.30pm Thursday 21st April 2022

Melbourne City Bowls, Flagstaff Gardens, Dudley St,West Melbourne

Arrangements, Gardenia Funerals

Remembrance Consultant, Michael Cox




Just a short note to thank you so much for your wonderful work and support in making Rob's celebration exactly the event we envisaged. You have a great skill of empathy and getting to know the character of a person in a very short time and delivering the right mood as you pull or the strands together.

Thanks once again. We really appreciate what you have done for us all.



(26 April 2022, email)






Funeral Service

In Loving Memory of

Joseph 'Joe' Arvidas Ramanauskas

9th January 1943 ~ 12th March 2022


'To honour and to celebrate Joe's life and the kind-hearted and loving man 

he was for each of you.' 


Wednesday 23rd March 2022, 2.00pm

Le Pine Funerals, 941 Mt Alexander Road, Essendon

James Malachi, Funeral Director





Just wanted to extend sincere thanks on behalf of the family for your efforts yesterday. Your dignified hosting of the service for Dad was exactly as we had hoped, and you certainly made a challenging day for us that much easier to navigate. We had many comments from guests about how well the service came over, so again .. our thanks.


(24 March 2022, email)








Thanks Giving Service

In Celebration of the Life of

Margery Jocelyn Maskell

24 June 1926 ~ 15 December 2021


'Margery’s ninety-four plus years, she was strong, kind hearted, intelligent 

and a truly generous woman.'


Thursday 27th January 2022, 10.00am

Le Pine Funerals, Warrigal Road, Burwood

Arrangements: Le Pine Funerals

Funeral Director: Graeme Moody





Thank you very much for this morning. We were very happy with the service and know that mum would have loved it too!

Thanks again, 


(27 January 2022, sent from my iPhone)


In Loving Memory of

Elizabeth ‘Betty’ Gray

14 October 1944 ~ 10 January 2022



Funeral Service

2.15pm, Wednesday 19th January 2022

Wilson Chapel, Springvale Botanical Cemetery

Le Pine Funerals, Dandenong

Funeral Director: Sharon Swayne



Hi Julian,

On behalf of Warren, Narelle and myself, thanks for a great service today. 

Working with you over the past few days to organise Mum's funeral has been easy and professional. Surely you have a Scottish background, today's pronunciation was impeccable. Mum would have been extremely happy with today's service. 

Quite happy for you to use these comments as a referral if you need to in the future.

Kind Regards,

Ian Gray

(19 January 2022, email)






Funeral Service

In Loving Memory of

Paul Andrew Spiteri

28 December 1934 ~ 26 December 2021


'...a man of Malta, he was a talented and creative writer and poet, with a good sense of humour ~ a trait he passed on to the whole family.'


Tuesday 4th January 2022, 12.00pm

Altona Memorial Park

Arrangements: Carly & Andy at Become Funerals



Hi Julian,

Just wanted to thank you for today. Dad would have been very happy with how the ceremony went.  Wishing you and your family peace and happiness for 2022 and beyond.  

Take care.

Kindest Regards








Graveside Service

In Celebration of a Long Life

Vernon Charles Routley

17 June 1926 ~ 3rd December 2021


'Celebrating Vern’s ninety-five years.

His sense of humour, always a very intellectual man, never dull, his home was of ideas and rationality, a secular humanist with a deep want to make the world a better place. Vern lived by a strong set of values, nourished by his passion for walking, and a love of the bush that lasted till the very end.'


Saturday 11th December 2021, 11.00am

Beenak Cemetery, 335 Beenak Road, Hoddles Creek

Arrangements: Le Pine Funerals 

Funeral Director: Ian Proudlock



Hi Julian,

Thanks you very much for organizing a wonderful service at my Dad’s funeral. I thought everything went very well and was deeply grateful that it did.

Thanks again.

Jane Routley

(13 December 2021, email)






Funeral Service

In Loving Memory of

Stuart Roy Brookes OAM

18 July 1922 ~ 19 November 2021


'A Life Well Lived'


10.00am, Wednesday 1st December 2021

Le Pine Funerals, High Street, Kew East

Funeral Director: Chris Geake



Dear Julian,

I am writing on behalf of Stuart Brookes’ family, to thank you for being the celebrant at the service for Stuart last Wednesday. The advice you provided when Jenny and I met with you was thorough and most helpful. The order of service you planned was excellent; exactly right for us.  Most importantly, your words, and role on the day in ensuring a service that was exactly as we had envisaged was very much appreciated.

Thank you again,

Best wishes

Duncan Brookes on behalf of the Brookes family.

(4 December 2021, email)






In Loving Memory of

Dorothy Winwood

27 April 1928 ~ 15 November 2021


  'A quintessential English lady'


Funeral Service

Friday 26th November 2021, 2.30pm

Le Pine Funerals, Burwood

Christopher Geake, Funeral Director



Dear Julian,

We are so happy with Mum’s funeral service. It was a warm, caring tribute to her.  We sincerely thank you for “meeting”with us, for your attention to detail and for the delightful manner in which you conducted the service.

Many thanks and best wishes,

Julia, Chin and family

Anthony, Joanne and family

(28 November 2021, Sent from my iPhone)



Funeral Service

In Loving Memory of 

Mahinda Randolph Rodrigo

7 May 1943 ~ 7 May 2021


'Honouring Mahinda’s life, and his passing, by recollecting and warmly celebrating his years and the truly good-hearted and very humble person he was. He was a simple living man, never one to talk about what he had done, always beautifully dressed, his main theme in life, his parents and his siblings, and education, 

and helping people get on in life.'


Thursday 13th May 2021, 10.00am

Wilson Chapel, Springvale Botanic Cemetery, Noble Park

Funeral Arrangements White Lady Funerals: Brighton

Shae Bolog: Funeral Director



Dear Julian,

On behalf of the Rodrigo family we would like to thank you for conducting the funeral service for our brother Mahinda Randolph this morning. You had captured his life story and summarised it in such a succinct manner that Randolph would have given his seal of approval. 

We are sure he would have loved to have met you, however, you did bring out his spirit throughout the service. Shea and you were a wonderful team whose efforts are very much appreciated, it really could not have been better.


Thank you once again,

With warm and kind regards,

Horatio, Ken and Blossom (Rohini)

(13 May 2021, email)



Funeral Service

A Celebration of the Life of

Edward Charles 'Ted' Bolster

5 August 1921 ~ 19 May 2021


'To say farewell, and importantly celebrate Ted’s long life, his ninety-nine years, always with his great sense of humour, and the quiet, unassuming, 

and the kind hearted and good man he was.'


2.30pm Wednesday 26th May 2021

Le Pine Funerals, 137 Princes Highway, Dandenong

Funeral Director: Michael Nivet



Hi Julian,

On behalf of all of our family I would like to thank you for your help in celebrating our father's life at his funeral yesterday.  We felt that it was a very fitting farewell for a much loved man.

Thanks again.

Kind regards

Ian and Anne McMillan

27 May 2021 (email)



Funeral Service

In Celebration of the Life of 

Nazzareno Spaziani 'Reno'

14 April 1933 ~ 13 May 2021


10.00am Thursday 20 May 2021

W.D.Rose Funerals, Cheltenham

Funeral Director: Debra McAlister


Hi Julian,

Just wanted to thank you for conducting dad’s service and making it such a great celebration of his life. It was nice that we could give dad a great final service that reflected the wonderful and full life he had.

Kind Regards


(22 May 2021, email)


Funeral Service

Celebration of the Life of

Lynton Harvey Wombwell

26 May 1959 ~ 30 January 2021

2.30pm Thursday 11 February 2021

Le Pine Funerals, Kew East

Funeral Director: James Malachi


Dear James and Julian,

Thank you from all of our family for your professional service, and making the celebration of Lynton's life a well organised event, that offered us all comfort in his passing.

Thank you James, for your skill and effort in presenting the picture slide show with 2 songs, when all seemed too difficult to achieve.

Thank you Julian for your clear and well presented reading of our and Merylin's eulogy, and your own account of our meeting at Lynton's house.

Thank you to your catering staff, for their service of food and beverages, which everyone enjoyed.

We will send a separate thanks to Rev. Will Picket, who conducted the graveside service with the same degree of professionalism shown by you.

Kind regards,

Richard and Davena and family.


(15 February, 2020. Email)


Barry Eric Teese

5 December 1941 ~ 16 July 2020


Memorial Service held at:

Leonda Function Centre

1.30pm Wednesday 27 January 2021

Music by - Music for Funerals


"Our family's circumstances saw us engage Julian Bamford twice. We lost our mother in 2018 and Julian delivered a beautiful service for her. So when our father died just two years later we knew that, like us, Dad had been very impressed with what Julian did for mum and would have been proud to have Julian lead a service for him. Both our services were not religious and Julian brought gravitas and dignity to them while focusing on the celebration of our parents' lives not the circumstances of their deaths.

Julian is such a great celebrant because his professionalism starts way before the event. He sat down with us prior and listened to our stories of our parents and took seriously the task of eulogising them for us.

We could not have been more impressed with Julian's work nor more comforted by his manner and approach as we navigated these difficult periods of our lives."

Karen Conrad


(8 Feb 2021, email)

original (9).jpg


Memorial Service

Celebrating the Life of

(Lieutenant Colonel Retired)

Neville Currie

31 August 1929 ~ 7 January 2021



'Known simply as Nev to you his family and friends, and ever with Lieutenant Colonel Retired in his stride and greeting, while to his grandchildren and great grandchildren Neville was always a much-loved Pa and Big Pa.'

11.00am Wednesday 20 January 2021

White Lady Funerals, 339 Warrigal Road, Burwood.

Funeral Director: Shae Bolog.

To Julian,

A huge thank you for the amazing service yesterday in memory of my dad, Neville Currie. It was a fitting tribute to a wonderful man who was loved by so many. It was filled with lifelong memories, love and laughter as was befitting my dad, he would have been really thrilled and so proud of everyone.

Thank you for being a part of his final journey.


(21 Jan, email)

original (10).jpg


Janette Lavina Ellen Gribble

24 September 1945 ~ 23 December 2020


Giving thanks and celebrating Janette’s seventy-five years - her inquisitiveness, creative talents, her confidence - ever her own master, and the life lessons, love of travel, and helping others, her laughter and the times you shared with her - as a wife and a mother, a sister and aunt, a good friend and the wonderful woman she was.

Funeral Service

Le Pine Funerals, 388 Springvale Road, Glen Waverley.

10.00am Tuesday 12 January 2021

Funeral Director: Rob van Duuren.

Music/OOS/PhotoMedia by Belinda Jane Video.

Hello Julian,

I just wanted to thank you for your role at very short notice in helping make Janette’s “Celebration of Life” Service the undoubted success it turned out to be.

Both people who attended the service in person along with a number of those watching online from afar commended me on my choice of such a wonderful celebrant! A number said you were so much better than and unlike any they had ever experienced!

Well as you might already be aware I was really pleased with how the service turned out and I concur with their feedback that you were a vital component in that wonderful result.

Thank you so much.

Peter, Clementine and Simon.

(17 Jan, email)

original (11).jpg


original (12).jpg

Joan Patricia Quirk

26 June 1933 ~ 20 December 2020


Always smiling, she loved everybody, including her football and Richmond of course, Joan never missed a week. Wife and a mum, a much-loved Nana and Great Nana, a sister and a best of friends.


Funeral service held at:

Lilydale Memorial Park,

1.45pm Thursday 24 December 2020


Arranged by Le Pine Funerals,

Funeral Director: Angela Kellet / Ian De Blaquiere

Music/OOS/PhotoMedia by Baileys Computer Services.


Hi Julian, I want to sincerely thank you for making Mum’s day so special. Everyone has commented on what a lovely service it was. I hope you have a lovely Christmas and a fantastic 2021.

Take care, Jenny

(24 Dec 2020, email)


Pauline Joy Marshman

1 October 1927 ~ 11 December 2020


Pauline was a joy, full of life, love and made friends and lasting friendships with great ease. Generous with her time, with a passion for travel, and very much the social butterfly, connecting people with wonderful dinner parties and a delight to be with, always greeting you with a glass of champagne.



Le Pine Funerals, 388 Springvale Road, Glen Waverley

2.30pm Friday 18 December 2020

Funeral Director, Rob van Duuren


Dear Julian, Our sincere thanks for the wonderful service you conducted for mum, Pauline Marshman. The music was perfect, your kind words were comforting, everything went just so smoothly. Safely back to Queensland and we found 19 Andre Rieu DVD's in mum's room. Much love and best wishes for 2021.

Deb and Leigh (Williams)


(Dec 2020, card)

original (13).jpg


Celebrating the Life of

Alfred 'Fred' Zammit

4 January 1949 ~ 26 November 2020


He was down to earth, humble, gentle, and family oriented and Fred loved bringing people together. To know Fred was to love Fred.


Funeral held at:

Wattle Park Chalet, 1012 Riversdale Road, Surrey Hills

2.00pm Thursday 3 December 2020

Arranged by Le Pine Funerals, Whitehorse Rd, Bix Hill.

Funeral Director, Kim Brown


Thank you Julian for yesterday.

Everyone has said what a lovely service and the weather was just perfect.

An appropriate send off for my Fred.

All the best. Margaret


(4 Dec 2020, email)

original (14).jpg


original (15).jpg

In Loving Memory of

Teong Lim Cheah

1 November 1935 ~ 13 October 2020

He was a kind and good hearted man, happy and content in his own company, meticulous in whatever he did, pouring his mind into and mastering whatever he approached, always done quietly, no need to bring up the conversation. He enjoyed the pleasures of a simple life, and his love and devotion for his family.

Funeral Service

Le Pine Funerals, 1048 Whitehorse Road, Box Hill

11.00am Saturday 17th October 2020

Funeral Director: Chris Geake

Dear Julian,


On behalf of Cathy and myself, again, thank you very much for honouring our dad with such warmth and respect. And of course Venerable Cathy Evans and her beautiful heartfelt smiles a delight.


Thank you again. Cynthia

(Sun 18 October, text)

and ...


I have been to many funerals of friends and family, young and old, close and and not so close.


Sometimes a funeral or death happens just at the right time in one's life which causes one to pause and reflect, and come to realisations of some truths in one's life. Yesterday's service was one of those.


Warm regards, Cathy.

(Sun 18 October, text)

original (16).jpg


Roger Macleod Dunn

11 October 1939 ~ 29 September 2020

original (17).jpg

His was a life very well lived - just shy of his eighty first, there were lots of adventures, surrounded throughout by interesting people and colourful characters - his years filled with creative flair and artistry, kindness and generosity, his love for his family and friends.  

Funeral Service held at:

Le Pine Funerals, Kew East

2.00pm Tuesday 6 October 2020

Funeral Director:

James Malachi

original (18).jpg

Hi Julian,


Just a quick message to pass on the family’s thanks for your work on yesterday’s service for Dad. It all came together beautifully. Thanks also for sending through those photos taken at the end of the day.  Go well.


Cheers, Lachie, Phoebe, Tarq and Matt


(7 Oct, email)


Girlie Eng Suat Chen

29 October 1951 ~ 20 September 2020

Funeral Service held at:

Nelson Brothers Funerals, Footscray

3.00pm Saturday 26 September 2020

Funeral Director: Darren Quick

“Thank you Julian and Cathy for a lovely Tibetian Buddhist themed service for my mum. Your detail in encapsulating my mums life and professionalism reassured the family and myself in such a difficult time.

Your kind words used and polished presentation on the day of the service gave my mum a lovely send

off she deserved.

It was amazing what you could get prepared on such short notice.

My mum would have love it.”


Aidan Chen

(29 Sep, email)


Nicholas 'Nick' Karpathiou 

1 February 1947 ~ 15 June 2020

'Nick was ... just an average sort of a guy, a man of routine, not having done anything particularly remarkable, he was a relatively private person, his life kept simple, ... known by his many close and good friends, as reliable, trustworthy, with a good work ethic, he thought well of others, as they did of him.'

Funeral Service held at:
Le Pine Funerals, Ivanhoe

2.00pm Friday 3 July 2020

Arrangement by: Angela Kellet

Hello Julian,

Just a few lines to thank you personally for your contribution to Nick's service on Friday. The service reflected Nick's nature, no frills but lots of sincerity. Your clear, detailed delivery provided the backbone to the service. Most professional, and a great job done.


Thank you sincerely

Erwin Polis


5 July 2020 (text)


Ian Robert Vallance 

25 July 1939 ~ 3 June 2020

'...a good man much loved and definitely quite a cool Grandpa, his friendships enduring and lifelong, always polite, definitely no hats inside, his wry humour and care for those close to him always shining through.'

original (19).jpg

Funeral Service held at:

Le Pine Funerals, Ivanhoe

2.00pm Friday 12 June 2020

Arrangement by: Ian DeBlaquiere

Thank you Julian for presiding over Dad’s service yesterday.


Many people have expressed to me what a lovely service it was and that it was a fitting tribute to Dad and one that he would have been pleased with. People who viewed it over the video link were also very pleased with the quality, both picture and sound.


I was wondering if it would be possible for you to send me a digital copy of the service. I have a hard copy that Ian gave me but would like to have a full, final copy of the service in soft copy.



Kind regards


13 June 2020 (email)


Elizabeth Walker

16 April 1935 ~ 24 June 2020

'...remembering her great zest for life, love of cream cakes, learning, her love of friends, new experiences, a commitment to hard work and absolute abhorrence of wasting a moment of any day.' 

original (20).jpg

Funeral Service held at:

Chapel of the Holy Trinity, Trinity Grammar School, Kew

Arranged by Pine Funerals, Camberwell

2.00pm Thursday 2nd July 2020

Conductor: Colin Wegner

Dear Julian,

As I try to collect my thoughts after the blur that was Mum’s death and funeral, I am aware that I owe you deep gratitude.


According to other attendees, the service was delightful, appropriate and smooth, which was certainly no thanks to me!


Your sensitivity, permission to let us laugh a bit, kind attitude and professional organisation meant that there are no regrets 

for us.


Many, many thanks

From Sue Doig

4 July 2020 (email)


Eileen Crowder 

9 May 1935 ~ 30 May 2020

‘A well-lived life; lived well.’

Funeral Service held at:

W.D. Rose Funerals, 139 Marriage Road, Brighton East

10.00am Friday 4th June 2020

Julian, just a heartfelt thanks for today.


You told Mums story beautifully and steered us through with discretion and charm.


We had a lovely catch up after the service then I went to see Dad, where we both fell asleep on the sofa for an hour! It has as they say been a big week.


Thank you again,

kind regards Sue

(4 June, text)


In Loving Memory of

Roger Treacher 

9 July 1931 ~ 20 April 2020

'... look after yourselves and each other, enjoy life and the successes it brings, explore as I did and enjoy the world around you, have good health and be well and happy.' 

Funeral Service held at:

Le Pine Funerals, Whitehorse Road, Box Hill

10.00am Friday 24th April 2020

Arrangement by: Chris Geake.

Dear Julian,

I wanted to thank you again for all your help with Dad’s service yesterday.


We were very pleased with the service, especially your wording of the service and organising for our eulogies to be included, which I know Dad would have appreciated.


Thank you also for being able to take Ann and myself home after the service, which was lovely of you.


We appreciate the sensitivity and kindness you showed to us and we were really pleased you were our celebrant.

It was a special day that will be remembered.


Thank you again.


Kind Regards,


25 April, 2020 (email)


In Celebration of the Life of

Alison Jane Galvin ...Aly

12 October 1941 ~ 9 March 2020

...with her truly vibrant, fun loving approach to life, a great friend, a great cook ....

and great company, her focus ever-attentive to her family’s wellbeing and happiness, and likewise all she shared friendship and life with.

Funeral Service held at:

Le Pine Funerals, 981 Burke Road, Camberwell

2.30pm Monday 16th March 2020

Arrangement by Kim Brown

Julian thank you for today - it was perfect. Aly would have loved it.

- Kate, Bill, Richard and Glenda

16 March 2020 (email)

original (21).jpg


MIcheal William Cahill ... 'Mike'

9 December 1933 ~ 2 March 2020

A Celebration of his Life...


'... remembering the kind hearted and loving man Mike was. His generosity, warmth and quiet wise approach to life - with that gentle ability to give you a fresh view on things, alongside his country boy love of life and Sandy Point, and his ever welcoming 

and open hospitality.'


Funeral service held at:

Le Pine Funerals, 339 Warrigal Road, Burwood.

10.00am Thursday 12th March 2020


Arrangement by: Chris Geake.

original (22).jpg

Arrangement by: Chris Geake.

Julian, Thank you so much for the service for dad today. I'm sorry I didn't get to say goodbye to you. You tied it all together so well and I had numerous people say that celebrant was excellent- we thought he could have been a family friend! I greatly appreciate how you contributed to making my dads celebration of life so special. Dyon.

12 March 2020 (text)


A Celebration of the Life of


Betty Laidlaw

23 February 1934 ~ 1 February 2020

Funeral Service held at:

Le Pine Funerals, 981 Burke Road, Camberwell

10.00am Thursday 6th February 2020

Arrangement by: Colin Wegner

Thanks so much Julian,

You did such a beautiful job at mums service.

You managed to capture mum and dad so well and help us through the process.


Thank you, Melissa

8 February 2020 (Text)


Celebrating the Long Life of

Reginald Newcome Ballard 'Reg'

16 April 1919 ~ 18 January 2020

'Reg was born the year following the end of the Great War, now over a century ago, in Hamilton in the Western District. He was a character, a man’s man, and a great bloke. One of the last of the 'Rats of Tobruk', and in recent years, said many times of his life, how lucky he was!'

Funeral Service including RSL Tribute at:

Le Pine Funerals, Heidelberg Road, Ivanhoe

10.00am Friday 24th January 2020


Arrangement by: Mark Ostril

Hi Julian,

Thank you so much for today. It was a lovely service, you did a wonderful job.



24 January 2020 (Text)


In Loving Memory of


Poey Tan

13 August 1934 ~ 15 January 2020

'To remember and bring to mind the kind hearted woman Poey was, one who was always about fostering peace and harmony and kindness to self and others. Her life, from those earliest days, low key, quiet, compassionate and simple.


To acknowledge Poey's Buddhist practice and belief in Quan Yin Bodhisattva, and to generate many kind and good wishes and blessings for Poey.'  

Private Funeral Service & Buddhist Blessing held at:

Le Pine Funerals, Burke Road, Camberwell

2.30pm Wednesday 22nd January 2020

4.00pm Witnessed Cremation,

Springvale Botanic Cemetery Crematorium

Buddhist Blessings by: Venerable ChiKwang Sunim.

Service Arrangements by: Silvana Chiovitti

Dear Julian,

Just a note to thank you for the wonderful funeral service you arranged for my late mother on Wednesday 22 Jan 2020 which went extremely well.

Also, thank you for contacting and transporting Venerable Chi Kwang Sunim for the Service.

I am sure Poey would have been very happy with the Service, the Blessings and last rites.

Best regards,


25 January 2020 (Email)


A Celebration of the Life of


Oonagh Allen

13 July 1960 ~ 10 January 2020

'To say farewell and importantly to remember and celebrate Oonagh’s life and all she packed into it. Her wit, wicked sense of humour, intelligence and the spirited and amazing lady she was.'

Funeral service held at:

Sandringham Yacht Club

2.00pm Monday 20th January 2020

Arrangements by W.D.Rose Funerals, Cheltenham

Conductor: Debra MacAllistar

Hi Julian,


Great job yesterday for the service for Oonagh Allen, the whole family thought you were faultless ...


Thank you again.... Rob Allen.

21 January 2020 (Text)


In Celebration of the Life of


Ronald Davies 'Ron'

16 April 1919 ~ 18 January 2020

'To celebrate his life, and say thank you for all the good things Ron brought into the world, the ways in which he made his contribution, and unique enjoyment of being his company. A man who could fix everything and anything, and that always meant beginning at Bunnings, no matter what.' 

Funeral Service at:

Le Pine Funerals, Springvale Road, Glen Waverley

10.00am Friday 17th January 2020


Arrangement by: Colin Wegner

Hi Julian,


Just wanted to thank you again for being the celebrate for my Father's funeral last Friday you did a fantastic job. We were overwhelmed by the number of people who attended. We have received many compliments on the service in particular the uplifting way it was presented.


Thanks again

Debbie and Family

20 January 2020 (Email)


A Celebration of the Life of


Andrew Nicol McCallum 

18 March 1943 ~ 23 December 2019

'To remember and recollect Andrew. His life, intelligence and all he achieved. His quirky sense of humour and easy to be with presence, and the unassuming, kind, generous and truly lovely man Andrew was.' In whatever challenge or opportunity life threw up at him, Andrew was someone who if he saw something that needed doing, he’d do it.' 


Funeral service at:

Leonda by the Yarra, Wallan Rd Hawthorn

2.00pm Monday 6th January 2020


Arrangements by:

Le Pine Funerals, Camberwell

Arranger/Conductor: Lena Davies


Dear Julian,

Thank you very much for your wonderful service yesterday. We are all so happy you coordinated and took us through the service, and have had many compliments on how well it was conducted.

You helped to make a difficult day a true celebration of Andrew’s life.

Very sincerely

Pat and all the family.

7 January 2020 (Email)


A Celebration of the Life of

June Patricia Maher

17 April 1928 ~ 21 November 2019


'June’s biggest achievements were very much her six children, her grandchildren and great grandchildren, always interested in your achievements, to see you all healthy and successful, and always took great satisfaction in what everyone one was doing. June's family were everything to her, and are her legacy.' 


Funeral Service held at:

Le Pine Funerals, Whitehorse Road, Box Hill

10.00am Friday 29 November 2019

Arrangement by: Kim Brown


Hi Julian,

On behalf of my brothers and sisters, and really, the extended family we would like to express our appreciation for your efforts and research.Everyone in attendance thought your presentation, kind words and down to earth knowledge of both our parents was wonderful, and heart felt.

Once again,

Sincere thanks Julian


2 December 2019 (Email)


Hi Julian,

Thank you once again, on behalf of my brothers and sisters.

We certainly appreciated your kind and well researched words, and would highly recommend your 

services to others. We are more than happy for you to add our thank you to your website.

Thank you very much once again.

Kind Regards

John (and siblings)

19 December 2019 (Email)


Margaret Allison Snelling 

19 January 1936 ~ 7 November 2019

Funeral Service held at:

Le Pine Funerals, Whitehorse Road, Box Hill

2.30pm Thursday 14 November 2019

Arrangement by: Sean Campbell


Hi Julian,

Just wanted to send you a quick note of sincere thanks for everything you did to ensure my mother’s funeral ran flawlessly.

You simply did a wonderful job listening to my Father, Fiona and my sentiments including every minor detail into your Eulogy. It totally represented the elegance, grace and love that Mum had for life. The Order of Service was perfectly performed with attention to detail which made the service beautiful and touching. 

Just how Mum would have wanted it.


Cheers to you Julian – tremendous job.

Rob Snelling

22 November 2019 (Email)


A Celebration of the Long and Good Life of

John 'Jack' Leonard Peirce 

16 December 1923 ~ 2 November 2019


'Jack's funeral service - as he would have wanted it to be, most definitely a celebration of his near to ninety-six full years. Jack would also have loved that his service was held on this Remembrance Day, the 11 of November 2019. Lest We Forget.'


The service was held at:

Le Pine Funerals, 388 Springvale Road, Glen Waverley

2.30pm Thursday 14 November 2019

Arrangement by: Sean Campbell


Hi Julian, thank you for help make Dad’s farewell memorable. Your help with the format, photos, songs and presentation made it a fitting ceremony.

Regards Anne & Graeme

13 November 2019 (Email)




In Loving Memory of

Thomas 'Tom' Patrick Welsby 

2 June 1932 ~ 21 September 2019


'The kind hearted, hard working, independent and good man he was - friendly and easy to like, Tom was adored by everyone who met him. He was a family man through and through, and as granddad was the best, simply one of the kids.


Funeral Service held at:

Le Pine Funerals, Ivanhoe

2.30pm Thursday 26th September 2019


Dear Julian,


Thank you for capturing the essence of our Dad, Tom's life last Thursday, for helping us say 'good bye' and to celebrate the life of the wonderful man Tom, Dad and Granddad was. Very much appreciated.


With warm regards and sincerest thanks from

Michael Wesley and Valerie McNeil

and our families

2 October 2019 (Mail)

original (23).jpg


In Loving Memory of


Joan Evelyn Fuller  

10 February 1926 ~ 16 September 2019

'The kind hearted, family orientated, strong and good woman she was....Always with her quirky answers, a sharp mind and quick wit, and very endearing, ...someone people easily warmed to and found it easy to love.'


Funeral Serviceheld at

Le Pine Funerals, Lilydale

5.00pm Friday 20th September 2019


Dear Julian,


I wanted to again re-iterate our appreciation for your support on Friday. It all felt very right; I think it would have been what Mum would have wanted. We had a very warm function with about 15 close friends of Ann, Mum and myself that evening. Very many thanks



22 September 2019 (Email)


In Loving Memory of


Joan Evelyn Fuller  

10 February 1926 ~ 16 September 2019

'The kind hearted, family orientated, strong and good woman she was....Always with her quirky answers, a sharp mind and quick wit, and very endearing, ...someone people easily warmed to and found it easy to love.'


Funeral Serviceheld at

Le Pine Funerals, Lilydale

5.00pm Friday 20th September 2019


Dear Julian,


I wanted to again re-iterate our appreciation for your support on Friday. It all felt very right; I think it would have been what Mum would have wanted. We had a very warm function with about 15 close friends of Ann, Mum and myself that evening. Very many thanks



22 September 2019 (Email)

original (24).jpg


original (25).jpg

In Loving Memory of

Melba Jean Nielsen 'Bebe'

9 December 1939 ~ 30 July 2019 


... among the entries in Melba’s diary, of life in recent years by the sea, she wrote the following words around mid way through last year (2018):

"Base life on what you have – not what you haven’t got. Winter living at the seaside, is a joy, a joy of the dawn and the sunset, of little things – a little sun, birdsong, a heater, a few blooms on the balcony, and winter walks. May you be well and happy. Thank you. Melba Nielsen, Chan Painter."


Memorial Service

Le Pine Funerals, 1084 Burwood Highway, Ferntree Gully

10.30am, Saturday 17th August 2019 Conductor: Louise Price

original (26).jpg

"I want to thank the family for turning up, thank you so much. To my lifelong friends, Phil and Liz and Fiona. Thank you. And to Linda, and to June. Julian, you've worked tirelessly to do all this, so thank you so much. And to Louise, job well done. And to Frank Carter who I've known for decades. Frank, you’ve done so much work. My heartfelt thanks.

So, thanks so much for turning up.

Thank you indeed."


Peter Nielsen.

Family Tribute, Sat 17 Aug.

Memorial Service.


original (27).jpg

Celebration of the Life of

Mark John Pritchard 'Richie'

26 March 1961 ~ 23 August 2019


'The hard working, loyal, funny man he was, with a witty if dark sense of humour, always with a song about something and a nick name for everyone.' And Richie's favourite saying, to stand up for yourself and be your own man.'


Funeral Service held at

Le Pine Funerals, 329 Warrigal Road, Burwood

2.30pm Thursday 8th August 2019



Hi Julian thank you so much for everything for Richie's service yesterday. Sorry I didn't get a chance to thank you in person as it was so overwhelming with so many people but you did an amazing job in telling his story and we are eternally grateful.



Regards Joyce Pritchard

1 September 2019 (Text)


Celebration of the Life of

Kin Kwan Francis Tam

14 March 1941 ~ 25 July 2019


'To say farewell and celebrate Francis’s very full life, and the happy, friendly, hard working good man he was. Who with his child like and playful approach to the world, saw problems simply as a step toward the solution, and enjoyed it all the way.'


Funeral Service held at:

Le Pine Funerals, 329 Warrigal Road, Burwood

2.30pm Thursday 8th August 2019


Hi Julian,

From the bottom of my heart I would like to thank you for your amazing and beautiful service for my dad. You truly have an incredible talent to communicate stories within an emotional environment.

Thank you again Julian.



Our family

Ken Tam

9 August 2019 (Text)


In Loving Memory of

Walter Winwood

9 October 1929 ~ 17 June 2019


"A thoroughly English Gentleman"


Memorial Service

Le Pine Funerals, Burwood Chapel

2.30pm Tuesday 25th June 2019



Just wanted to thank you again on behalf of Julia and myself, and all the family. You did a fantastic job and it worked seamlessly. 


Sincere thanks,

Tony Winwood

26 June 2019 (Text)

original (28).jpg

Julia Lee

28 June 2019 (Card)


John Hunter Jarvis

3 February 1946 ~ 2 June 2019

Funeral Service held at:

Le Pine Funerals, Camberwell Chapel

981 Burke Road, Camberwell

2.30pm Monday 17th June 2019


Dear Julian

Thank you so much for your time and patience during your visit to me to hear about my brother John.

The beautiful service that you prepared and presented showed your attention to detail.

It was appreciated by every-one.

Warm regards,

Gwenda, Richards and Clare.


Heidelberg 3084

24 June 2019 (Text)



Bill Mountjouris 

18 November 1920 ~ 21 May 2019

Funeral Service

2.45pm Monday 27th May 2019

Crick Chapel, Fawkner Memorial Park


"Honouring his 98 years and the wellspring of gratitude for all his kindness and good actions brought into the world, and enabled for his family, friends and so many more. He was hardworking, a gentleman, loyal, generous and caring. His was a happy life, simple and uncomplicated."

Graveside Service

4.00pm Burial, Edendale Garden, Northern Memorial Park

Arrangement: Le Pine Funerals, Conductor: Angela Kellet

Thank you Julian for an excellent facilitation of our fathers funeral yesterday. It was very professionally done, so thank you. My family are very appreciative of your embracing and sensitive approach when managing the service.


Thanks again.


28 May 2019 (Text message)

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original (30).jpg

George Comopoulos

20 November 1931 ~ 12 May 2019

'You will be dearly missed, though we are forever grateful for all the wonderful and happy times we all shared together. May you Rest In Peace.'

Funeral Service


1.30pm Friday 24th May 2019

Joyce Chapel, Fawkner Memorial Park, Fawkner

Arrangement: C.J.Moody and Daughter Funerals

Conductor: Kim Williamson

Thank you Julian.


Many said it was a lovely service and you did a wonderful job.


Regards, Effie

28 May 2019 (Text message)

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Owen Wallis Spurway

10 January 1941 ~ 5 April 2019

Funeral Service

11.00am Thursday 11th April 2019

The Chapel, Montsalvat, 7 Hillcrest Avenue, Eltham

Arranged by Kingston Funerals

Conductor: Leonie Kent

'All will be ok. May everything in your life go well, be mindful for each moment,

look out for each other, enjoy the simple things in life, and be well and to be happy.' OM MANI PADME HUM

May the road rise up to meet you.

May the wind be always at your back.

May the sun shine warm upon your face;

the rains fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again,

May the Gods hold you in the palm of their hands.

Julian. What can I is absolutely perfect there is nothing I would change. You are a true blessing to us and to Dad. Thank you for you kindness and for and depth of spirit that you host such an auspicious event for Owen and his family. X


Thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️


10 April 2019 (text messages)

Thank you again for today Julian We are so blessed to have met you and the service is something we will cherish for the rest of our lives ❤️ Each day we have spoken of our gratitude for you. Always and thank you again ❤️



11 April 2019 (text messages)


Celebration of the Life of

Betty Morley

3rd September 1923 ~ 9th March 2019

Funeral Service

Le Pine Funerals, 1084 Whitehorse Road, Box Hill

2.30pm Thursday 14 March 2019

Conductor: Colin Wegner

original (32).jpg

Hi Julian,

I realised I didn't get to thank you for helping us celebrate Betty's life yesterday. So thanks for your understanding of what we wanted and carrying it through. No offense, but I hope we don't see you again in the near future!


Kind Regards

Sheryl Jurey

15 March 2019 (email message)



Timothy David Stothart Orr

15 July 1934 ~ 27 February 2019

Memorial Service

W.D. Rose Funerals,

139 Marriage Road, Brighton

Friday 8 March 2019, 10.00am

Conductor/Arranger: Toni Petrone

Thanks for today Julian. Spot on. Warm regards,


8 March 2019 (text message)

original (33).jpg

A Celebration of the Life of

Peter Alleyne Cook

18 May 1935 ~ 28 February 2019


Funeral Service

Le Pine Funerals, 741 High Street Road, Kew East

Thursday 7 March 2019, 2.30pm

Arranger/Conductor: James Malachi

Hi Julian,

Thank you so much for conducting such a great service for Peter Cook. It leaves me with a wonderful 

memory of it.



Janet Cook.

16 March 2019 (email)


Dear Julian,



Thank you for making a tough day a great day for us all. 


Kind regards,


Barry Pointon

8 March 2019 (text message)


In Loving Memory of

Michael Miljenko Bogunovic

15 May 1959 ~ 18 February 2019


Funeral Service

Joyce Chapel, Fawkner Memorial Park

10.30am Wednesday 27th February 2019

Graveside Committal

11.03am, Northern Memorial Park

Arranged by Tobin Brothers Funerals

original (34).jpg

Dear Julian,


I would like to once again thank you for your utmost care and professionalism in handling my father’s service. From the very first moment we met, we knew that we were in safe hands.


Again, I would like to express my gratitude in guiding us in such heartbreaking, difficult circumstances.

Many thanks,

Anja & Nada

5 March 2019 (email message)


original (35).jpg

Alan Daniel Sinclair

2nd February 1950 ~ 22 December 2018


Funeral Service


Le Pine Chapel, Camberwell

Friday 4th January 2019, 2.30pm

Hi Julian,


On behalf of Alan’s Family and myself our appreciation for your time, effort and ability to capture the essence of Alan’s spirit.


All the people I have spoken with since the funeral have only had

very positive reflections on the way in which the service presented a wonderful tribute to a special man that touched many people’s lives

in a variety of ways.


We thank you for helping make this possible.

Best regards


18 Feb 2019 (email message)


Celebration of the Life of

Brian Edwin Thomas

26th March 1946 ~ 26 December 2018


Funeral Service

Le Pine Chapel, Camberwell

Wednesday 2nd January 2019, 2.30pm



Arrangement by: Le Pine Funerals

981 Burke Road, Camberwell

Conductor: Lena Davies

original (36).jpg

Hi Julian,


A quick message to thank you so very much for the wonderful job you did yesterday as Celebrant at 

Dad’s funeral.


We’ve received so much positive feedback on how such a sad event was actually made enjoyable and many people commented on you and also wondered if you were family.

We couldn’t have been happier with how the service went.


Once again, thank so much.


Best wishes,


3 Jan, 2019 (email message)


A Celebration of the Life of

Aileen Ewin

8th November 1925 ~ 3rd October 2018


Funeral Service

Le Pine Chapel, Camberwell

Wednesday 11 October 2018, 10.00am

Arrangement by: Le Pine Funerals

981 Burke Road, Camberwell

Conductor: Chris Geake

original (37).jpg



Thank you for yesterday. We thought you did a great job - right tone, right length

and in your content you captured mum well.


Chris Ewin

9 Oct 2018 (email message)


In Loving Remembrance of

Donald 'Don' Phillip Armstrong AM

21 November 1931 ~ 3 October 2018


Funeral Service

Leonda By The Yarra, 2 Wallan Crt, Hawthorn

Wednesday 11 October 2018, 2.30pm

Arrangement by: Le Pine Funerals

981 Burke Road, Camberwell

Conductor: Lena Davies

original (38).jpg

Hi Julian,


Thank you for yesterday. It was a lovely and very well suited service that

you conducted on our behalf. We very much appreciated it.


Yours sincerely,

Lauren Sanford

4 Oct 2018



Pauline Rosalie Clark

13 July 1922 ~ 29 September 2018


Funeral Service

Le Pine Funerals, Camberwell

Monday 8 October 2018

Conductor: Chris Geake

Dear Julian,


Thank you very much for conducting my mother Pauline's funeral service so

beautifully. I was very happy with it and in my heart I feel she would have liked

it too.


with best wishes


Judith Clark

8 Oct 2018




Hi Julian,


A quick email to thank you for doing the service today for our mother.

I thought you got the right ‘tone’ for her and described her life really well.

original (39).jpg

Lots of people who came said how good the service was, and much of that

is down to your choreography of the event.


Best regards,


Caroline Clark

8 Oct 2018



Dr. Edward William ‘Bill’ Pick 

3 January 1930 ~ 8 August 2018

Funeral Service

Le Pine Funerals, High Street, Kew East

Monday 27 August 2018, at 2.30pm

Conductor: Colin Wegner




On behalf of all the family, thank you for doing a lovely job yesterday.

The service was a happy event and I had lovely feedback from so many people.



Warmest wishes


28 Aug 2018


Merle Elaine Teese


18 November 1941 ~ 1 August 2018


Funeral Service

Leonda By The Yarra, 2 Wallan Hawthorn

Thursday 9 August 2018, 10.30am

Le Pine Funerals

981 Burke Road, Camberwell

Arrangement: Angela Kellet

original (40).jpg

Dear Julian,


On behalf of my dad, Barry Teese, my brother and sister and our families,

thank you for delivering a beautiful funeral for our adored wife, mum and nana.

Your advice and support before the funeral and your professionalism on the day

were very much appreciated.


Karen Conrad (Teese)

4 Oct 2018


original (41).jpg

In Loving Memory of


John William Iacono

28 September 1954 ~ 9 August 2018


Funeral service

Tuesday 14 August 2018, at 10.00am


Le Pine Funerals,

981 Burke Road, Camberwell

Arrangement: Lena Davies


Hi Julian,


We would like to thank you for the kindness that you showed

us at John's service yesterday. Your calmness and attention to

detail were greatly appreciated.

Cheers Angelina and Matt Iacono

15 Aug 2018


In Loving Memory of


Joan Frances Manhire

22 September 1932 ~ 30th July 2018

Funeral service

Joyce Chapel, Fawkner Memorial Park, Fawkner

Held Tuesday 7August 2018 ay 3.00pm


Arranged by Le Pine Funerals

Conductor: Scott Williams


Just like to thank you again for a lovely service yesterday.

Much appreciated and well done.

Allan Manhire

8 Aug 2018


Peter John Fraser

18th July 1949 ~ 22 June 2018

Funeral service held at Le Pine Funerals, Camberwell

Thursday 28 June 2018

Arrangement: Le Pine Funerals, Kew East

Conductor: Kristy Bradie

'Celebrating Peter's larger than life enthusiasm for living, his love of music

& saxophone, and boundless friendship and people around the world who his

life touched and benefitted, and the good-hearted man he was'

Hi Julian.

Thank you so much for yesterday. You were brilliant.

Blessings, Jane

29 June 2018 

original (42).jpg


Shirley Elizabeth Crewther

18th December 1934 ~ 19th June 2018

Funerals Service

Thursday 28 June 2018

Arrangement: Le Pine Funerals, Camberwell

Conductor: Chris Geake

Morning Julian.


Just wanted to thank you for doing such a lovely service yesterday.

Whilst it was a sad day it was also beautiful, David and I are very

grateful for you delivering such a lovely service.



Many people told us how lovely it was, we have all walked away

with beautiful memories.


Many thanks.



28 June 2018


original (43).jpg

Anthony 'Tony' Palmer

25th July 1953 ~ 28th January 2018


Funeral Service

Thursday 8th February 2018

Boyd Chapel, Springvale Botanic Cemetery


Arrangement: Le Pine Funerals

Conductor: Lena Davies


Dear Julian,


What a lovely human being you turned out to be. When Lena suggested you

as a really good match for us to perform the role of celebrant for Tony Palmer's

farewell, she was spot on.


You gave your time and your interest in our circumstances selflessly and



You were genuinely interested in our lost family member and by your kindness,

patience and attention to detail, were able to speak for us and fill in the gaps in

a way that made me feel at times that you must have known Tony yourself.


Thank you Julian for your professionalism and kindness to both Jack and I and

the rest of Tony's family. You did us all proud.


Love and goodwill for the future.


Sally and Jack.

14 March 2018

(photo sent by Sally)


original (44).jpg

Richard Berian Phillips

3rd April 1957 ~ 2nd January 2018


Funeral Service held on Monday 15th January 2018

Wattle Park Chalet, 1012 Riversdale Road, Surrey Hills


Arrangement: Le Pine Funerals

Conductor: Chris Geake


Dear Julian


I apologise for the delay in sending this note of thanks to you for delivering such

a fine service for my beloved Richard.


At the outset I knew exactly what Richard would have wanted, how he would have

wanted his life to be celebrated. From our first meeting with you, I felt a sense of

calm and confidence that you understood and would help us to do Richard proud.

And that's exactly what you did - perfectly.


The unrelenting pain of losing my perfect partner in life has no salve. But I take

comfort from the comments from those who attended the service who say that it

was dignified, perfect for Richard, and that it captured the true person and his

wonderful qualities.


I thank you for that, and for the comfort that has brought to me. I cannot understand

why Richard was taken, why someone who was so good could have their life cut so short.

I can only hope that one day I will find a meaning to all of this.

I know I will not stop looking until I find it.


I applaud you for helping people like me in the very darkest of our days. It takes a

very special person to do that.


Thank you, and my kindest regards.


Ingrid Phillips

1 February 2018


original (45).jpg

Monika Schneider

15 October 1940 ~ 25 May 2017


A Family Farewell to Monika

…a little before 10am to a little after 11am, or there about’s…


Wednesday 20th September 2017

RJ Hamer Arboretum, Chalet Road, Olinda.

Arranged by and with Horst Schneider, Children: Dirk, Rita, Katja and all their family.

Dear Julian


.....on behalf of my Family I would like to thank you so much for a Ceremony that

was outstanding in every way.


It was not only a ‘Farewell to Monika’, it was also a ‘homecoming’ for Monika.

A ‘homecoming’ to the Land Monika loved so much....Australia ! No doubt it was

a sad occasion, but with your help, understanding and kindness it was a

perfect farewell for Monika.


....and I say Thank you to you !


My sincere gratitude Horst Schneider...and Family

1 February 2018



Katrina Jane Sedmak (nee Murray)

26 June 1967 ~ 29 December 2017

Funeral Service held on Friday 5th January 2018

Tobin Brothers Funerals,

49-55 Main St, Diamond Creek Vic 3089

Conductor; Lisa Harris

Dear Julian,


On behalf of our family...


We would like to thank sincerely for your guidance in conducting the Service for our beloved Katrina on

January 5th at Diamond Creek.


The room was so full of love for Katrina.It was indeed a beautiful tribute and celebration of her life.

Thankyou for suggesting.....and introducing the Lightening of the Candles for us. It was a moving and touching moment for all the immediate family to participate in the Service.

Your empathy ,understanding and patience with us all at this sad time is greatly appreciated.

I regret I did not have an opportunity to thankyou personally on the day.


Kindest regards

Beverley Murray

31 January 2018


original (46).jpg

Gwenda Olive Hodgkins

19 October 1931 ~ 28 December 2017


Funeral Service held on Tuesday 9th January 2018

Le Pine Funerals, 1048 Whitehorse Road, Box Hill

Arrangement: Greg Downes


'Service for Mum'


Hi Julian,


Just wanted to thank you for the lovely service you put together for Mum.

I felt it really captured the essence of who she was. When it came to do my

reading I could sense her encouraging me to get up there and do it myself!


Best regards, Jane.

11 January 2018



Say Eng Goh

15 February 1931 ~ 30 December 2017

Funeral Service held on Saturday 6th January 2018

Wilson Chapel, Springvale Botanic Cemetery.


Kingston Group Funerals, 146 Argus Street, Cheltenham

Arrangement: Karl D. Megan, Conductor

Hi Julian,

Thanks very much for this final version and all the effort that you put into preparing and delivering the service. My mum appreciated the care that you showed in selecting the appropriate sutras.


When we started, we didn't have a clear idea on how the service should be. And you helped us put together a service that helped us honour and pay our final respects to our dad.


Many Thanks and Kind Regards from all of us.



9 January 2018

(email message)

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